Iconic Architecture,
Quality Craftsmanship.

Each and every aspect of Cocoons is thoughtfully designed to deliver the ultimate in performance. Regarded as the best fitovers in the world, Cocoons are engineered to completely isolate the eyes from the elements. Comfortably fitting over most prescription glasses, Cocoons are lightweight and extremely durable, a statement reiterated by the now famous lifetime warranty.

Professional Grade Design & Components

Unlike generic fitovers, the Cocoons chassis features framework that blocks out light from above, the peripheral and below. Light that does reach your eyes has been filtered through our proprietary Polaré lens system. The resulting affect allows your eyes to properly relax and remain focused on the task at hand. Our frames are manufactured of lightweight ballistic nylon. Hypoallergenic and almost impossible to break, its use is a manufacturing expense we insist on. The adjustable temples are injection fused to the chassis through a complex molding process. Unlike imitations, the scratch resistant, Polycarbonate side shields are injection molded to eliminate distortion then permanently inserted under pressure into the chassis. We offer our proprietary Soft Touch frame finish on all models. This virtually impenetrable jacket seals the chassis from the elements and provides a softer surface to mute any audible contact with prescription glasses. Soft Touch makes for a more comfortable ride.

Our brand is trusted by tens of thousands of eyecare professionals and millions of prescription eyeglass wearers as the best fitover sunglass in the world. If you have ever worn a generic or imitation, try the originator of optical grade fitovers. The difference is literally “night and day”.

A Custom Fit for Everyone

Cocoons patented adjustable Flex2Fit temples are designed for quick and easy manual adjustment of the shape and curvature of the ear pieces. This unique feature allows each wearer to achieve an exact fit that is secure and comfortable during extended wear. When purchasing your Cocoons sunglasses, the temples will come pre-shaped, but it is very easy to contour the temples to create your own custom fit. There is no heat or special tools required to achieve a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable.

By manually applying inward pressure, the ear pieces can be contoured to more closely follow the curvature of your head. By bending the ear pieces downwards, the temples can be adjusted to achieve a more snug fit if you are experiencing a problem with the sunglasses “slipping forward”. If you are experiencing added pressure from the temples, simply reverse this process to widen or straighten the shape of the ear pieces.