How Cocoons can Help those Living with Birdshot Uveitis

Birdshot Uveitis is a condition that affects a part of the eye called the uvea. It causes tiny spots that resemble scattered birdshot pellets to appear in the back of the eye, which can make it difficult for the eye to function properly. It can also cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light. 

People with Birdshot should seek out the help of an eyecare professional for treatment. As a part of treatment, sunglasses or UV filters are often recommended to help improve clarity and comfort. Finding the right lens tint in a sunglass or UV filter is all about learning what relieves your symptoms and supports your vision needs. 

Live Eyewear offers a full collection of Cocoons fitover sunglasses and Low Vision UV filters, each one FDA-registered and engineered to the standards of active medical device classification. Our polarized sunglass lenses reduce harsh glare and provide relief for outdoor conditions, and our Low Vision UV filters can help provide relief from bright, artificial light indoors. 

Here we’ll take a deeper look at the unique design elements and lens systems featured in Cocoons that can help those living with Birdshot on a daily basis. 

Frame Features

Cocoons frame design elements work together to provide total comfort, protection, and visual aid indoors and out. With a full range of sizes and frame options, the Cocoons collection offers a stylish, tailored fit over many different styles of prescription eyewear.

UV Protection at Every Angle: A host of seamlessly integrated features make Cocoons the most protective fitover on the market: 

  • The integrated brow bar blocks overhead sun.
  • Extended underside scoops block reflected surface glare.
  • Expansive UV400 side shields filter peripheral light without compromising range of vision.

Patented Flex2Fit® Temples: Easily customize the contour of the eyewear stems to provide the perfect amount of tension without the excessive pressure often experienced with one-shape-fits-all standard temples. Flex2Fit® temples allow you to create your own personalized fit that’s comfortable and secure. There’s no need to heat the temples and no special tools required — the flexible rubber casing and memory metal core allows you to manually shape them for a perfect fit. 

Soft Touch® Frames: Textured for total comfort, Cocoons feature a velvety smooth, matte Soft Touch finish in a variety of colors. 

Lightweight Designs: Cocoons are crafted from durable yet lightweight nylon designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions (including the rough-and-tumble abuse we all put our sunglasses through daily). 

Polaré® Lens Systems 

Cocoons are available in a full spectrum of polarized sunwear lenses and non-polarized UV filters designed to improve contrast, reduce light intensity, and eliminate blinding glare. Many of our lens systems can help with many common visual ailments experienced by those living with Birdshot.

Impaired Vision in Dim Light (nyctalopia) 

To increase visual acuity in dim light, we offer high-transmission lenses that improve clarity while blocking a high percentage of harmful artificial light for maximum comfort and easy focus. 

Lemon UV Filter 

86% light transmission | Blocks 70% HEV blue light | Indoor / outdoor 

While it has a high light transmission, lemon boosts clarity and contrast for low and varying light conditions. It effectively “brightens” vision and sharpens visual acuity.

Twilight® Night Drivers 

93% light transmission | Blocks 60% HEV blue light | Indoor/outdoor 

The Twilight lens system features a light amber tint with a specially formulated anti-reflective coating. It blocks 60% of HEV blue light from artificial sources like headlights and road signals while transmitting high levels of the remaining visible spectrum to maximize visual clarity in low light conditions. The anti-reflective coating helps to reduce halos and glare. Twilight lenses can also be used indoors to help with irritation caused by strong fluorescent lighting and extended exposure to digital device screens.  

Lemon UV Filters

Twilight Night Drivers

Abnormal Color Vision (dyschromatopsia) 

For dyschromatopsia, lenses with neutral tints will help retain true color definition. 

Polarized Gray 

15% light transmission | True color representation | Outdoor 

Our most popular lens, gray is a darker neutral tint with even light transmission across the color spectrum. It provides true color representation with total UV protection and glare-free polarization. 

Photochromic Polarized Gray 

30 – 10% light transmission | UV-responsive lenses | Outdoor 

The photochromic polarized gray delivers the same true color definition as our traditional gray tint but offers the additional benefit of getting lighter (30% LT) or darker (10% LT) in response to ambient UV levels. The variable light transmission delivers the perfect tint for any condition. 

Note that this is most effective as an outdoor lens — it will not fully darken indoors or in the car because most windows and windshields are treated to block UV rays. 

Boysenberry UV Filter 

15% light transmission | Blocks 90% HEV blue light | Indoor 

Similar to a plum tint, boysenberry is a soothing non-polarized UV filter. With its high level of blue light filtering, it improves contrast for increased object definition and more effortless focus. The tint delivers minimal color distortion and is designed to help regulate light in large indoor spaces with bright lights. Boysenberry has also been found to provide some soothing relief for those suffering from migraines. 

Polarized Gray Lenses

Boysenberry UV Filters

Hazelnut UV Filters

Sensitivity to Bright Lights (photophobia) and
Perception of Flickering or Flashing Lights (photopsia)

Darker lens tints can help those sensitive to bright lights stay comfortable and safe both indoors and out. 

Boysenberry UV Filter 

15% light transmission | Blocks 90% HEV blue light | Indoor 

Boysenberry’s darker tint makes it a great lens for those sensitive to bright lights. And with a soft, cool shade, it can relieve photopsia symptoms as well. 

Hazelnut UV Filter 

18% light transmission | Blocks 98% HEV blue light | Indoor / outdoor 

Another effective non-polarized UV filter, the hazelnut’s unique tint eases eyestrain and sharpens object definition. Its mid-low light transmission makes it useful for outdoor and indoor applications. 

Polarized Gray 

15% light transmission | True color representation | Outdoor 

As a darker lens, gray is tremendously helpful outdoors. With total UV protection and polarization, it eliminates blinding glare off roadways and more for total comfort. 

Polarized Gray with Blue, Silver, and Gold Mirrors 

13% light transmission | True color representation | Outdoor 

All three of these mirrored lenses utilize a gray base for true color definition while adding an additional micro-thin metallic coating designed to increase the reflective properties of the lens and improve polarization efficiency. Our darkest lenses, they’re a great asset for comfort in even the brightest conditions. 

Polarized Gold Mirror Lenses

Choosing the Right Option in Mirrored Fitover Lenses: What Each Hue Offers

Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses


Polarized Silver Mirror Lenses

Decreased Depth Perception and Peripheral Vision 

Lenses with high contrast can dramatically improve object definition and depth perception. 

Polarized Amber 

14% light transmission | Blocks 90% HEV blue light | Outdoor 

Our most popular lens behind gray, amber effectively filters scattered blue light to sharpen object definition and visual acuity. Combined with a dark tint and glare-free polarization, it’s a popular lens for driving. 

Polarized Amber with Green Mirror 

13% light transmission | Blocks 90% HEV blue light | Outdoor 

With an amber base, our green mirror coating dims light intensity and enhances visual properties like contrast and depth perception to deliver optimal visual performance when confronted with intense outdoor sun. 

Hazelnut UV Filter 

18% light transmission | Blocks 98% HEV blue light | Indoor / outdoor 

Our non-polarized hazelnut tint works similarly to amber, reducing blue light to enhance contrast and depth perception. However, as the lens is slightly lighter and non-polarized, it’s a great option for indoor use when sensitivity to bright artificial lighting is a concern. 

Polarized Copper 

21% light transmission | Blocks 90% HEV blue light | Outdoor 

A lighter yet adaptable lens tint, our polarized copper provides a warm, soothing field of vision while providing the same contrast enhancement for sharper object definition and easier focus in shifting weather conditions. 

Orange UV Filter 

34% light transmission | Blocks 100% HEV blue light | Indoor / outdoor 

Our orange UV filter delivers maximized contrast and sharpened clarity for both indoor and outdoor use. It can help with depth perception and object definition, making it popular for reading and computer work.

Green Lenses; Choosing the Right Option in Mirrored Fitover Lenses: What Each Hue Offers

Polarized Green Mirror Lenses

Polarized Copper Lenses

Orange UV Filters

Need Additional Information? We’re Here to Help. 

With the Cocoons collection’s patented frame designs and expertly engineered spectrum of lens systems, there is a pair of polarized fitover sunglasses or low vision UV filters that will provide an improved level of comfort and relief for most people suffering from various Birdshot visual symptoms.  

It is always best practice to consult with an eyecare provider when determining proper treatments for visual impairments. We highly recommend you do so. If you have any additional questions about Cocoons fitovers, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-834-2563 or