Choose the rectangle style and size from the options below that most resembles that of your prescription glasses.

Use a millimeter (mm) ruler to measure across the front of one of your prescription lenses (see example diagram “Measuring for Your Clip-Ons Size”) — this will be the size for your clip-ons. Make sure that the clip-on size you select is at least as large as your lens measurement.

If your lens measurement is not listed in the size options, select the next largest size clip-ons. For example: if your lens measures 47mm, the best option would be a size 48.

Need a conversion chart for inches to millimeters? Click here


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REC-1 Sizing Guide


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REC-2 Sizing Guide


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REC-5 Sizing Guide

Cocoons Clip-Ons Sizing Guide Document Link


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REC-7 Sizing Guide


Cocoons clip ons are here featured with gray lenses and prongs that allow you easily to clip them over your prescription glasses.

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REC-15 Sizing Guide


Cocoons clip-ons, featured here on a white background,

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REC-18 Sizing Guide

REC-22 (Rimless)

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REC-22 Sizing Guide

REC-23 (Rimless)

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REC-23 Sizing Guide

REC-25 (Rimless)

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REC-25 Sizing Guide

REC-27 (Rimless)

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REC-27 Sizing Guide

REC-28 (Rimless)

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REC-28 Sizing Guide


Print to Fit Guides

Alternatively, you can download (and/or print) our complete clip-ons sizing guide in its entirety which includes all shapes and sizes. First, identify the shape (Oval, Round, Rectangle, or Square) that most resembles the shape of your prescription eyewear frame. Next, place your glasses face down on the full scale images of each size within the shape collection to find the size that is most accurate to the shape of your glasses.

Cocoons Clip-Ons Sizing Guide Document Link

Clip-Ons Sizing Guide

Link to Cocoons Sizing Guide for Rimless Clip-Ons

Rimless Clip-Ons Sizing Guide