Mini Slim (MS) Black Polarized Silver Mirror

Model: C412V


Featuring a classic black Soft Touch finish, these Mini Slims are equipped with a polarized gray lens with a high performance silver mirror. The entire lens system, including the side shields, is coated in a scratch resistant silver mirror that is ideal for use in harsh, unstable light conditions such as in the snow. The reflective properties of the mirror coat prevent intense glare from disrupting the performance efficiency of the polarization, resulting in a controlled, consistent optical environment. The neutral gray base tint delivers natural color definition. The subdued silver flash coating adds a definite sense of style.

“As someone who has worn several different fitovers, Cocoons are simply better. I now own two pairs and really like the silver mirror a lot.” 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) Charlie K., Horsham, England

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