Style Line (MX) Twilight Night Driver

Model: C705T


Night driving can become problematic for many people as they age. The pupil becomes less responsive and ultimately lets in less light. Drivers over 60 might only receive half of the light transmission they did when they were 20, which can potentially make night driving difficult, even dangerous. Seeing clearly in darkened conditions becomes especially challenging. As the eye ages, it becomes more light sensitive, making oncoming headlight glare more problematic. Cocoons Twilight fitovers reduce oncoming glare with an anti-reflective lens system that also blocks high energy visible blue light, such as that produced by modern LED headlights. The scientifically engineered tint also enhances contrast to improve depth perception. The Twilight lens system is effective at night or in foggy/rainy conditions. Your eyes will remain relaxed and focused. Eye-strain and fatigue is greatly reduced as objects become clearer and more easily visible.

“Second pair for me. After trying them, won’t drive at night without them.” 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)  Collin F., Manchester, U.K.

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