The Vistana collection features professional-grade, scratch-resistant Polaré polarized lenses. Polarized lenses cut glare, which in turn reduces eyestrain, improves visual acuity, and enhances depth perception. Our Polaré lenses are also optically correct, meaning there’s no vision distortion for the wearer — a crucial characteristic in any fitover sunglass. Marrying fashion with top-of-the-line technology, The Vistana collection takes fitover sunglasses to the next level.

The Polaré lenses paired with Vistana’s patented full wrap frame designs feature Dynamic Base Technology, which creates a continuous lens wrap from the front to the sides. This engineering innovation allows for the elimination of the side-shields commonly associated with fitover sunglasses and a panoramic range of vision. Dynamic Base Technology maintains the optical correctness our Polaré lenses are known for, showcasing functionality in a sunglass of unparalleled elegance.

Vistana feature our classic gray and our vibrant copper lenses. The gray lens retains true color representation while cutting glare and harmful UV rays, and the copper fosters a warmer field of vision, enhancing depth perception and contrast. Paired with Vistana’s nine different frame colors, Dynamic Base Technology delivers a sunglass ready for a morning hike or an afternoon on the town.

Lens Specifications


Top-tier protection,
pure color definition.

The gray lens is a timeless classic in sunwear, and for no small reason. The neutral tint reduces light transmission evenly across the color spectrum, providing true color perception with total protection. Such optical properties make the gray lens the perfect tint for every- and all-day use in bright conditions; whether you're on the road, slopes, or water, you'll find eyestrain mitigated and your vision sharpened.

  • 15% visible light transmission
  • Polarized to eliminate blinding glare
  • UV400 protection from UVA & UVB rays
  • Filters 80% of blue light (HEV)
  • Delivers natural color definition
Gray polarized lenses


Unique comfort, road-tested clarity.

What makes the copper lens so popular for driving is its faculty for filtering blue light, which allows it to heighten depth perception and improve contrast. Copper’s moderate light transmission, however, makes it an especially adaptable lens, ready for virtually any activity or light condition. Whether you're on the road or the tennis court, the copper lens sets your eye at ease, fostering focus and comfort.

  • 21% visible light transmission
  • Polarized to eliminate blinding glare
  • UV400 protection from UVA & UVB rays
  • Filters 90% of blue light (HEV)
  • Improves depth perception with enhanced contrast
  • Popular driving lens
Copper polarized lenses

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