Cocoons and Kids: Helping Eye Health Start Early

As Cocoons wearers, we all know how much better we feel when we take care of our eyes, and we know the eye damage we risk exposure to when we don’t. We also know how important it is to start practicing good, preventative eyecare habits early on. However, reports from Vision Council indicate that most people don’t necessarily act on that knowledge: of the 73% of adults who wear sunglasses, that is, only 58% have their children do the same. Such a statistic illustrates the dramatic imbalance in eyecare with regards to age—an imbalance that, at Live Eyewear, we’re committed to change.

As you might remember from your own childhood, kids are real hard on their eyes. When I was a kid, I’d just run around all day either staring down a blacktop basketball court (a major reflector of UV radiation) all curdling under the midday heat, or I’d be straining to see below the surface of a pool (water surfaces another big reflector) where I’d just dropped a Hotwheel, or I’d just be outright blinding myself with the sun while looking for a pop fly or getting distracted by a bird or something. For a kid, there’s just year-round UV exposure—three times, according to the Vision Council, the amount adults are exposed to. Kids tend to spend a lot more time outside than adults do, and their eyes are still developing layers that will protect them from the sun’s UV radiation. It’s crucial to overall eye health down the road, then, that kids wear sunglasses. You might already know, however, that this might not be the easiest thing to do—especially if your kids wear prescription eyewear.

It’s with exactly this predicament that people have reached out to us, and it’s here we can certainly help. For years now, our Cocoons Stream Line, the smallest size in the Cocoons collection, has been wildly popular with kids of all ages. Parents have told us time and time again how great these fitovers work for all the outdoor activities kids can throw at them; and as we grown ups know, Cocoons are perfect for days out on the lake, links, trails, slopes, and wherever else you might find yourself.

Features that make Cocoons the perfect fitovers for kids are the same features that have earned them their reputation among professionals of all sorts: Cocoons’ trademark durability and customization. In terms of durability, we know that kids are going to put their gear to the test on the field and the blacktop. Good thing Cocoons frames are built to get dropped, thrown, stepped on, biked over, etc., etc.; they’ve been engineered to withstand whatever folks can throw at them—no matter the age. And just as our frames will withstand any sort of bending, our Polaré® polarized lenses are made from scratch-resistant and playground-proof polycarbonate, which won’t shatter on impact. In terms of customization, our Flex2Fit temples allow the wearer to bend the temples of their Cocoons for a snugger fit around their ears. This means that not only will Cocoons not slide around or fall off, but they’ll actually keep prescription glasses more secure, too.

As Cocoons wearers, we know how important preventative eyecare is. Kids need protection more than anyone else, and Cocoons make access to that protection easy, practical, and affordable. Let your kid pick out their perfect pair of Cocoons and let them loose! Cocoons can handle it.