Why Choose Yellow Tinted Lenses?

You may think that the lens tint of your sunglasses is just a cosmetic choice and doesn’t change a thing about your vision, right? Think again! The tint of your lenses and a general understanding of how different tints can affect your field of vision can make a big difference in your how you see the world.  

For instance, yellow-tinted lenses can help reduce eye fatigue caused by high energy (HEV) blue light that is generated by electronic screens and improve your focus. Yellow tinted lenses are available in polarized and non-polarized options. Allow us to tell you more about the concept of yellow tint lenses and why you should consider wearing yellow tint sunglasses.

What Are Polarized Yellow Tint Lenses?

When a lens is polarized, it means that it includes a polarizing filter that helps reduce light glare that can cause unnecessary eyestrain. Cocoons feature a vast collection of polarized fitovers sunglasses with yellow-tinted lenses that will help you reduce the presence of irritating glare in hazy and “flat” light conditions.

Sunglasses with yellow tinted lenses are ideal for hazy days when you think you don’t need any protection because the sunlight is not as direct as usual. However, the light reflecting in the clouds can still hurt your eyes, and it can cause damage to your retina without you even noticing.

When To Use Polarized Yellow Tint Lenses?

Yellow-tinted lenses present different properties than the traditional gray-tinted lenses that many associate with sunglasses, and the instances when you require them are vastly different. The following scenarios are just a couple of examples of when you’ll get the greatest benefit from Cocoons yellow polarized fitover sunglasses.

During Snow-Related Activities

If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, you should ensure you have some yellow-tinted lenses ready. The snow can be incredibly bright even when there’s no direct sunlight on it, and looking at it can severely damage your cornea. So, when you go skiing, trekking, or any other outdoor activity, yellow tint lens sunglasses will help you see better. Furthermore, it will allow you to have a better depth perception to enjoy your next vacation safely.

When Driving In a Foggy Weather

We’ve all been there, you’re driving, and the weather turns bad. Suddenly, you don’t see in front of you, and even worse, your own headlights are blinding you. This can strain the eye and cause a lack of focus on the road. It’s dangerous to drive in these conditions, but if you don’t have a choice, it’s better to drive using yellow-tinted lenses to help keep your focus on the road.

What Are Non-Polarized Yellow Lenses?

You don’t have to be outdoors to experience the benefits of yellow lenses. Polarized lenses are intended for better visibility outside, but sometimes you need the filtering of yellow lenses inside. Cocoons fitovers are available with a light yellow tint called Lemon that is ideal for indoor activities as they don’t reduce light levels as much as their polarized counterparts.

Cocoons fitovers with Lemon lenses are often prescribed to people suffering from cataracts or glaucoma, which are conditions where the person develops a hypersensitivity to light and experiences reduced visual definition. The Lemon tint is also perfect for people dealing with screens all day since they emit blue light, which is a tremendous strain on the eye and creates a lack of focus.

When To Use Yellow Tint Lenses?

Non-polarized lenses will have a different use than polarized lenses, and they’re more useful with most activities involving artificial light. If you’re wondering, here are some cases when you may choose to wear yellow-tinted lenses that aren’t polarized.

While Taking Part In Indoor Ball Sports

Fancy a ball game indoors? Then, your yellow tinted sunglasses are the perfect accessory to get the most out of your experience. Let’s say you’re going bowling; these places are rather dark and only lit by bright lights; yellow tint lenses will not obscure your vision like dark tinted sunglasses and will still protect your eyes from the blinding lights.

When Using Screens For Long Periods Of Time

Most of the screens we use daily use LED technology, and that means primarily blue light. If you don’t know, natural lighting is a mix of all the colors on the spectrum, while artificial lighting mostly features a shorter wavelength, mainly on the blue side of this spectrum. Blue light is used because it creates more luminosity with the least energy.

However, even though it’s weaker than sunlight, prolonged exposure can cause irreversible damage, primarily because of the proximity to the screen. That’s why using eyewear that focuses on filtering blue light is helpful when you’re using your computer or phone (Fun fact: we’re wearing Cocoons fitovers made for use with computers and digital devices, and it feels so much better!). Wearing yellow-tinted lenses will help reduce the strain on your eyes, and you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, especially when it’s nighttime, and the only source of light is your screen.

Fitovers that Block Blue Light from Computers

There’s A Tint For Every Activity!

During this article, we’ve mainly focused on the use of yellow-tinted lenses because many people don’t realize it’s not only about looking good; it also benefits you during your daily activities. However, the key to protecting your eyes is having the right lenses at hand when you need them. To learn more about the various lens tints offered in Cocoons fitovers, visit our lens specifications for additional information. We’ve developed a variety of options in fitovers, clip-ons, and flip-ups, to provide a solution for every eyeglass wearer. Visit our shop and find the pair that best suits your needs.