Why Should You Choose Cocoons?

Rhett cocoons fitover sunglasses temple
When we first pioneered professional-grade fitovers in 2002, we were the only game in town. Cocoons were so much better than the limited number of competitive options and, as you would expect, our brand quickly became the leading choice with eyecare professionals worldwide. Since 2002, the fitover eyewear landscape has changed significantly. Today we compete with a multitude of companies offering various fitover options. Fortunately for our customers, Cocoons remain the leading brand of professional grade fitovers in the world.Professional Grade Fitovers In fact, since 2002, the Cocoons reputation has grown incredibly more renowned. Over the years, though our commitment to innovation, improvement and product enhancements, we have repeatedly driven some of our own product lines to obsolescence. Today the brand is trusted by hundreds of thousands of eyecare professionals and is recognized as the best fitover sunglass in the world.? We think you should trust us too. Firstly, and likely most importantly, you can’t make a mistake with Cocoons. If you are not satisfied with your Cocoons for any reason, we will take them back – period. And if you love your Cocoons but the product fails for any reason, we will replace them. Our lifetime warranty is a direct reflection of the quality we build into every pair and the service behind the warranty is built into the very core of our company. Apart from this, there are a number of other reasons Cocoons are so well regarded. Unlike generic fitovers, Cocoons are fully adjustable. The Flex2Fit temple system can be adjusted to comfortably and securely suit each wearer’s personal preference. There’s nothing worse than wearing a fitover sunglass that can’t be adjusted. Our patented frame designs incorporate complete underside, top and peripheral protection. We block not only direct light, but most of the ambient and reflected glare as well. Our optical grade lens system is state of the art, so much so that that we offer our customers a scratch resistance warranty – a rarity in the vision industry. The side shields are injection molded and permanently installed for the life of the product. We offer over 330 different options which, depending on the product, includes features such as specialty lens systems, mirrored finishes and Soft Touch frame coatings. And all Cocoons include an incredibly versatile carrying case and lens cleaning cloth. Finally, a great deal of the trust we have earned comes from the Cocoons experience itself. After wearing a pair for only a short amount of time, your eyes will begin to relax. Eye strain and fatigue is virtually eliminated. As the most comfortable fitovers in the world, you’ll hardly know you have them on. If you have ever worn a different brand of fitover, you’ll immediately recognize the difference with a professional grade fitover. If you have any questions or would like help in determining which of our products is best for you, please feel free to contact us. We enjoy helping.